Invitation to Open Tera Cup 2021

The Tera Worlds 2021 was cancelled after new travel restrictions especially against UK sailors.
However we will start a new race - smaller, 3 days, and you can come too. August 3,4 and 5 2021.

Since we are still sad the the Worlds could not happen this race will be called "Not-the-Big-Tera-Event-2021 Cup".

Whatsapp chat-group:
Results: Link will come here

List of participants:
Alex Ralets
Augustas Žaliauskas
Auksė-Uršulė Rudzikaitė
Austėja Karčiauskaitė
Carl brinck
Christian Maindal
Ella Méline Borgenstierna
Emil Jensen
Hannes Borgenstierna
Johannes Bengtsson
Julius Diekmann Tjøgersen
Line Bruhn
Ludvig Nicolajsen
Mantas Bitinaitis
Mathilde Fibiger-Lundberg
Minna Lyngkilde Bøgesø
My carstensen
Nojus Volungevicius
Oskar Kosiara-Pedersen
Philip Mathiesen
Rokas Salecis
Vilius Raciunas
Vilmer Johansson

Twice bronze medalist at the Tera Worlds Freja Hansen - one of the worlds best Tera trainers will be coaching at the races. One land for all attendees, and on water for the slowest half of the race.

Who should attend?
Are you still super sad that Tera Worlds 2021 was cancelled?
Do you want to do Tera racing?
Do you want to make new friends?
Can you safely sail on your own?
Can you get to SKB escaping whatever corona-travel restriction we might have?
If you answer yes, this is for you

750 DKK for the days per person, which includes gas etc and some money to the trainers + ice cream for every sailor at the harbour every day + prizes at the end.
If you cannot bring your own RS Tera we will lend you one for the race days.
Entry fee can be paid at check in 8.00 - 9.00 Tuesday August 2th - Danes can preferably pay on mobile pay number 50203.

[1] - Hejren 15, 2670 Greve, Denmark -
[2] Jeppe is a qualified race officer who sailed #8 at the Tera Worlds 2019.

Registration here